Cooling Space for Worship

church interiorHomes are hard to cool if live in certain areas of the world. Summer temperatures can soar, and central air isn’t always enough to keep everything cool and comfortable. The same is true for other types of areas. Churches are one of the hardest to keep comfortable since they are often large areas where a lot of people gather and sit closely together. This makes cooling space for worship a big deal for all churches and buildings that are devoted to worshiping.

Why Churches Are Hard to Cool

church sermonsThe bible says that we should gather as a group and rejoice to show our faith and love for all he has provided to us. Most often, we do this in a church or some other “holy” area where people can go, learn, and live in the way that He wants us to. Even a small congregation can have 100 people in attendance at any given time when the doors are opened. Many churches are large buildings, which are hard to cool, and then you add in the people sitting in pews or chairs that are close together. Body heat and the room can be impossible to cool when it is 90+ degrees outside. In fact, you may have to turn down the thermostat to 60 to get the room temperature to be 75 degrees and then, spend hours waiting for it to actually cool down to that.

Keeping Cost Down

The one downfall for many churches is the power that is required to keep members comfortable using only a central air unit. It costs money. It costs a lot and often, donations to the church are barely enough to cover it. Having fans in the ceiling could help, but most churches do not have them. Therefore, air circulation is virtually non-existent. A church can make it a little easier if they consider adding a portable air conditioner to their church. These air conditioning units are affordable to purchase and run. They keep cool air circulating in areas that do not have vents close to people and many churches in the south are looking at luma comfort reviews to find a solution that will keep members coming back, even on the hottest summer days.

Cool Members, Happy Members

church members celebrating JesusCelebrating all that God has given us is a part of going to church. Heat could be considered something we should rejoice in, but most of us would prefer comfort. In tightly packed pews, no one wants to sit and sweat if they do not have to. They do not want to have someone with a high body temperature sitting hip to hip with them. If you can keep your guests comfortable, you will ensure that they keep returning to your church. Keeping them cool, means that they will focus more on the words that are spoken and taught so that they can go out into the world and live the life that will make them great members of the community. They will be happier, they will be faithful to the church, and keep returning to learn more about their faith. As a church, you will cut costs on your power so that you can put more of the donations you receive into fun things for your members. It is a win/win for all.