Packing for Congressional Picknick

church picknikOne of the greatest things about God and religion is that every person who believes, also understands that they are surrounded by God wherever they are. It does not matter what religion you are a part of, there is a part of it that proves He is in the things that surround you. This is why many churches and church groups believe that it is okay to get out of the church with its members. It is also why many church groups enjoy venturing out into nature where you can see His creations the best and packing for congressional picknick is easy to do.

Why Host a Congressional Picnic?

church picnicIf you look at the bible, there are places within it that talk about where and how you should rejoice in God. Overall, the theory is that everything we do should have to do with Him. You can eat, drink, and enjoy all things if you do it all for the glory of Jesus and by giving thanks to God, the father. God, no matter what name you call him, is a celebration of his creations since he created all that you see in the great outdoors. It also encourages the members of your church to come together in an informal way so that they can bond and build a stronger sense of community. In today’s world, this is good. We need to become stronger as a community and picnics allow us to rejoice, socialize, embrace the world he created, enjoy food and drink, and so much more.

Popular Picknick Destinations

In general, choosing to have a picnic in celebration of the things God has provided for us, means becoming one with those areas. You may want to choose a destination that is splendidly beautiful, such as a mountain range or something else, but this isn’t always possible. Therefore, many church groups have picnics in the park, surrounded by nature, children laughing, and friends talking. It is a place where games are played, food is enjoyed, and new friendships form. Other popular destinations are those that involve animals. A picnic where you can go horseback riding or to pet animals can make a great day out for the entire congregation.

Packing for a Picnic

church picnic gamesAs soon as you start planning a picnic, you have to start planning how to keep food good and what you want to bring. For many groups, this means having people bring a dish for the picnic. You may get one group to bring the sodas and water, another to bring chips and other snacks, and one to provide sandwiches or other “meals”. Your church planners may also look at a yeti ice review to see if they can get a better ice pack for the cooler. This will help on those hot summer days when the destination does not have a lot of “cool” areas to keep picnic baskets fresh and drinks cold. You may also encourage another group of people to bring game props along so that your members can play ball, Frisbee, and other things. Chairs, blankets, and tables are all optional. You can let members provide their own seating if you want to since you will have members of all age groups and needs. The biggest thing you should encourage everyone to bring though, is their faith and their willingness to have fun.