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jewish faithJewish people are those who practice Judaism, which is an ancient Abrahamic religion. It has the Torah as the foundational text. It is a religion that believes there is one single God and that God created the universe. They believe in their faith that they can have a personal relationship with God and therefore they strive to keep God’s laws and bring holiness into all aspects of their life.

The Chosen Ones

jewish celebrationPart of what makes Judaism great is their base idea that they are the chosen people. Virtually every aspect of living life as a Jew will become an act of worship in every way. They feel that they are the ones who should set the standard for holiness and ethics for the world that we all live in. This also means that a Jewish community is a strong community. They are many community activities and lifestyle-based activities for people to do in their home and outside of it.

The Jewish Lifestyle

JewishPeople of the Jewish faith is part of a family faith. Their traditions begin early in life and celebrate a variety of things. For example, a Jewish boy is circumcised at eight days old. It is something that even those who do not practice Judaism sometimes take part in, though ages may vary. Traditionally, anyone with a Jewish mother automatically becomes a Jew. In some cases, a baby born to a Jewish father may also be included in the faith, but it is mostly based on the mother. If you are not a Jewish family, but still hope to be a part of it; you can do so, but it may be challenging to get converted.

The Beliefs

jewish faith in AfricaIn the Jewish mind, unlike all other religions, there is only one God. This God does not have a body, so it is neither man nor woman. He is transcendent and above all earthly things that are around us and therefore, he is around us at all times. God can do anything and will continue to exist in the future as he has for all time in the past. Jews believe that if you are a good person, you will reap rewards; if you are bad, you will be punished. If you simply make a mistake, God will be forgiving to you. This faith is also one that understands that God listens to everyone and that God can speak to you, but often in ways that you may not expect.

Join the Jewish Community

When you have as much faith in God as the Jewish do, you will want to celebrate it with others. You will embrace the idea that God is a being that is so amazing you cannot understand or imagine its power or beauty, but you will also feel confident that this being is with you constantly. One outstanding thing about God is that he cares as much for you as he does a parent for a child. For that reason, if you get the chance to learn from or visit a Jewish community, you can feel blessed in every way.